How to elevate, scale and amplify your business through the New 4Ps of platforms, purpose, people and planet

How to elevate, scale and amplify your business through the New 4Ps of platforms, purpose, people and planet

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About the Book

Advanced technologies promise many exciting new opportunities while radically changing the global economic landscape. Leaders are now seeking to transform their organisations through new business models for the digital economy, demonstrating social and ecological impact. But this can only be achieved through collectively mastering the new logic, language and platform architectures of the digital economy.

Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation provides readers with a powerful and pivotal multi-disciplinary approach to deep tech which has been created to elevate value propositions, scale platforms and amplify the impact of organisations.

Simon Robinson, Igor Couto and Maria Moraes Robinson, visionary pioneers in their fields of innovation, digital architecture and strategy, offer their expanded vision of deep tech through the foundational four pillars of deep impact, deep thinking, deep talent and deep collaboration and the three core design movements of elevation, scale and amplification.

The authors take readers into the heart of deep tech by explaining the platform architectures, design methodologies and human and planetary dimensions of the digital economy, allowing organisations to reach higher levels of actuation through more purposeful digital platforms and technology with soul.

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Learn step-by-step how organisations can become amplified

Proven and cutting-edge frameworks

Illustrated digital platform architectures

Case studies


Amplified organisation blueprint

GPT-3 analysis

Book Chapters


Why Deep Tech?


The New 4Ps


The Living Dimension of Technology


The Logic and Architecture of Deep Tech Platforms


Designing and Scaling Deep Tech platforms


Purpose-Centred Design


The Impact of Deep Talent


The Quality of our Relationships


The Collective Mastery of Deep Tech


The Amplified Organisation

The Authors

Simon Author

Simon Robinson

With three decades of experience in customer experience design, Simon is an internet veteran and award-winning innovator, having co- founded British Telecom’s Genie Internet, the world’s first mobile internet portal and contributing to the design and launch of the world’s first smart phones. He is the CEO (Worldwide) of Holonomics, co-founder of the Deep Tech Network, a Harvard Business Review writer and coauthor of Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design and Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter. Simon is respected globally for his contributions to customer experience strategy and deep tech, having created numerous design methods and frameworks such as the New 4Ps, the Holonomic Circle, Elevated Value Propositions, Purpose-Centred Design and Deep Tech Discovery.


Igor Author

Igor Couto

Igor is a visionary technologist and social impact entrepreneur, sought after by the world’s largest organisations for his expertise in implementing organisational mission-critical systems and generating transformational impact for national and multinational enterprises in the areas of digital economy, agile organisations, digital architectures, intelligent systems and purpose-centred design. He is the CEO and co-founder of deep tech design house 1STi, co-founder of the Deep Tech Network and co-founder of Vai na Web, the internationally-recognised movement developing deeply talented IT professionals who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Maria Author

Maria Moraes Robinson

Maria is a pioneering economist and specialist in strategy and organisational transformation, recognised for her innovation in the fields of digital and cultural transformation, Balanced Scorecard, employee experience, agile strategy and human values. Her Holonomics approach has transformed the way in which business leaders understand and implement systems thinking through a focus on human values, an expanded form of consciousness and the quality of relationships within organisations and across whole ecosystems. Maria is CEO (Brasil) of Holonomics, co-founder of the Deep Tech Network, a Harvard Business Review author and coauthor of Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design, The Strategy Activist and Strategy Management: Experiences and Lessons from Brazilian Companies.